Tuesday, 29 July 2014 11:16
 NEWRY vet Brian Doyle is urging farmers to vaccinate cattle against common killer Clostridial Diseases such as Tetanus or Blackleg.
Ballyholland suckler herd owner Stephen McConville, right, with Brian Doyle, centre, Clanrye Veterinary Clinic and Brendan McVeigh, MSD Animal Health discussing threats to stock after turnout.  ìTetanus can strike after routine procedures such as dehorning and castration, ìwarns Brian. ì Yet Tetanus and other killer Clostridial Diseases can be controlled using Bravoxin 10 vaccine given twice at a four to six week interval.î Photograph: Columba O'Hare
“Finding a real topper of a young bullock dead in the field after turnout due to Tetanus or Blackleg is a financial shock that can be avoided. Tetanus, caused by C. tetani, is most commonly seen after routine tasks such as dehorning and castration,” explained Brian, a partner in Clanrye Veterinary Clinic.
 “Ideally stock should be protected against Tetanus and a range of other Clostridial Diseases by vaccination before turnout, but it is never too late as there is always some benefit from vaccination. Blackleg is also a common problem at this time of year. One of the pre-disposing factors is bruising of muscle, therefore it is most commonly seen in young bulls.  
 “Calves can be vaccinated from 2 weeks of age with a second injection of vaccine 4 to 6 weeks after the first. Although there is some immunity from a single injection full protection only occurs 2 weeks after the second injection.
 “Giving calves that second injection is essential and an annual booster of a single injection is strongly advised.
Practice partner Brian Doyle and receptionist Karen Carlisle at  Clanrye Veterinary Clinic, the progressive Newry City practice serving local farmers and pet owners. Brian, a native of Killowen near Rostrevor, heads the veterinary team in partnership with his brother Kieran at this independent, mixed practice with an outstanding reputation for good service. Playing a key role in administration Karen has been with this growing veterinary clinic on the Belfast Road for 15 years. Photograph: Columba O'Hare
“The broad spectrum vaccine used, Bravoxin 10 from MSD Animal Health,   gives protection against Tetanus and other common Clostridial Diseases. Ones know all too well to generations of farmers such as Blackleg, Clostridial Redwater and Malignant Oedema.
 “Letting your guard down and not protecting stock against Tetanus and this range of Clostridial Diseases can be a very costly mistake. At Clanrye Veterinary Clinic it is a real concern that farmers under pressure in a late spring might be penny wise and pound foolish. 
 “For your own peace of mind and the good health of your herd Bravoxin 10 vaccination is an excellent investment!  Using the vaccine as part of your routine animal health plan is better than having to ring the rendering man!”