Thursday, 05 October 2017 14:12
SCOURING calves usually have collapsed and inflamed guts with the digestive tract walls rubbing on each other thus causing the animal a lot of pain.
Using Volac ASGold helps overcome this by expanding and pushing the gut walls apart to give the villi time to heal and putting a soothing lining on the gut wall. By expanding the digestive tract ASGold allows electrolytes to quickly move though into the blood stream to aid rehydration and replace salts lost due to scouring.
Alistair Sampson, Volac NI business development manager
During October ASGold, the 'must have' for every calf rearer, comes with a very special offer of 500g free per 5kg purchased from your usual supplier.
Commenting Alistair Sampson, Volac NI business development manager, said that, “ ASGold contains electrolytes and glucose similar to that found in other products, but as a gel it does so much more to help calves recover from digestive upsets.. Primarily by opening the gut and allowing it to heal with natural plant fibres and pectin included to maintain gut health.
“Equally important ASGold can be fed in milk, milk replacer or water so the animal is not starved and can recover rapidly. Remember, a calf with with mild or nutritional scour must continue to be offered normal amounts of milk or milk powder.
“Diluted milk must never be fed nor milk totally withdrawn from animals unless in very severe cases of scour as calves rapidly loose body condition leading to stunted growth or premature death..
“An ideal first feed for bought in calves or to aid recovery from digestive upsets ASGold gel has been proved on farms nationwide.”
Where scour is severe or persistent a vet must be consulted. For further information about the ASGold 500g free offer contact Volac Freephone 00800 8652 2522 or Alistair Sampson tel; 078606 26442.