Less Gas More Growth
Monday, 17 August 2009 09:44

LESS gas and more growth from high sugar grass swards is putting a Northern Ireland seed merchant at the heart of a drive to increase milk and meat output off grass, yet reduce greenhouse gas emissions from livestock. Samuel McCausland Ltd in Banbridge, founded in 1825 and still a family firm, are now supplying local farmers with Aber High Sugar Grasses through merchants and co-ops.

Bred at Aberystwyth in Wales these can increase milk production from grass by over two litres a day, give a 20% boost to weight gain in beef cattle and offer similar improvements in lamb growth.

Everyone wants quality and quantity in their sward and in their silo, but when   reseeding also plan to meet new gas emissions livestock regulations

Just as important, livestock grazing swards based on Aber High Sugar varieties produce less potentially harmful greenhouse grasses. GAS

Paddy Boyd, a spokesman for Samuel McCausland explained that farmers reseeding now with Aber varieties benefit not only from lower cost production of milk and meat, but are well placed to meet forthcoming EU regulations restricting the amount of greenhouse gas emissions from livestock enterprises.

“Reseeding with the most up to date varieties of grass makes sound economic sense for many years ahead. Remember, the difference in output from a merely average recommended variety and the latest Aber High Sugar Grasses can be the difference between profit and loss.

In addition the increased efficiency means that less Nitrogen is released to the environment. It is also expected, but not yet proved that methane emissions are similarly reduced.


“Looking to the future needs of farmers and demands of government regulators Samuel McCausland Ltd developed close links with grass breeders, links now yielding huge dividends for Northern Ireland farmers. “Grass sown this month will still be used to produce milk and redmeat five, ten or even 15 years from now when greenhouse gas emissions from stock will be heavily regulated.

“Thankfully, through out network of stockists province wide McCausland’s Aber High Sugar Grasses are easily available to everyone reseeding this year. For minimal extra spend an acre on Aber premium mixes farmers enjoy more income off grass and limit harmful gas emissions for years to come,” Paddy Boyd affirmed.