Liquid Energy Easily Into Cows
Friday, 04 September 2015 00:00
DRENCHING manually to get extra energy into early lactation cows at risk of Ketosis due to a negative energy balance is no longer needed on the Arfman family farm in the Netherlands. Instead Henk Arfman and son Andre, who run 160 cows and 90 followers at Vorden near the German border, installed the MultiDos system in June 2014.
The Hanskamp MultiDos system was easily installed with the DeLaval robots on the Arfman family farm at Vorden in the Netherlands.
 Developed by Hanskamp, the Dutch manufacturer specialising in innovation for dairy farming, MultiDos is a simple, robust means of providing cows with liquid feed in addition to concentrates.
  Henk and Andre Arfman use two DeLaval milking robots with the MultiDos system installed on both.  Fixed to the wall the MultiDos is connected to a container of liquid additives.
 A special Hanskamp tube that is durable, transparent and impervious to temperature, takes the liquid through the machine to pour a pre-set amount directly over concentrates offered to the cow entering the robot.
 “Our cows easily consume the additive containing glycerol, niacin, biotin and cobalt so a negative energy balance and Ketosis in early lactation cows is no longer a problem,” Andre Arfman explained.
 “Gone is the need to manually dose cows. A labour intensive chore that cows certainly did not like. MultiDos is very cow friendly and there is no problem getting them to eat the concentrates with liquid added. 
Andre Arfman with the Hanskamp MultiDos system used to easily get extra energy into early lactation cows and dramatically reduce the risk of problems such as Ketosis.
 “All our freshly calved cows now receive this liquid feed through the MultiDos system.  We just have to program into the computer how much of each product each individual cow is to get and the system does the rest.
 “As well as propylene glycol having the MultiDos system in the dairy unit means a whole range of additives, vitamins and minerals can be fed.
 “Nowadays we have few cases of Ketosis thanks to this very easy was to get extra energy into cows where needed.”
 Andre, who also works off farm three days a week as a consultant with a local firm of accountants,  is already planning to have MultiDos fitted to a third robot milker. “We are expanding the herd and MultiDos from Hanskamp is very much part of our plans for a better future in milk production.”
 MultiDos, which has recently been installed on several British farms is a successor to the popular Hanskamp PropyDos system.
  For further information on MultiDos and other Hanskamp innovations browse , ph 0031 314 393 797 or e mail This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
MultiDos will be on display at the RUAS Balmoral Show, the RABDF Livestock Event and the RoI Ploughing Championships.