Wednesday, 27 January 2016 16:22
ALL three types of Bovine Viral Diarrhoea tissue sampling ear tags approved for use in NI are available, promptly, from Fane Valley Stores.
 With the BVD eradication scheme compulsory from Tuesday, 1st March 2016 Fane Valley offers you the choice of Caisley, Alflex and Typifix tissue sampling ear tags.
 “No matter which tag type a customer chooses our experienced  staff can offer advice and training on their use and how samples are posted to AFBI testing laboratories, “explained Pat Donnelly, Livestock Identification Manager at Fane Valley Stores.
The BVD eradication scheme is compulsory from Tues, March 1 so Pat Donnelly, livestock identification manager Fane Valley Stores, is offering all three types of tissue sample tag approved for use in NI. Trained and experience Fane Valley Stores staff can advise on tag choice and use. A graduate of Seale Hayne University College, Devon, Pat was CAFRE Fermanagh dairy advisor for 10 years before moving to farmer owned businesses, most recently Fane Valley.
 “Testing to eradicate BVD is a major step forward in protecting herd health and livestock performance. BVD in your herd costs money due to lack of thrive, increased risk of pneumonia and mortality.
 “By taking tissue samples when tagging calves stock carrying this easily spread viral disease are identified and should be promptly removed from your herd. Remember, the longer an animal identified as Persistently Infected, a PI, remains in contact with other cattle the greater the risk of disease spreading and causing longterm loss of income.
 “No wonder almost 5,000 NI farmers joined the voluntary scheme to remove BVD from their herds.
 “For those starting compulsory testing Fane Valley Stores offer a unique level of service combined with choice of tag brand. Orders placed over the counter or by phone are promptly prepared using our in house tag printing technology
 “Time is money in farming and getting PI individuals identified and removed promptly from other cattle is vital. Thus all our tissue sampling is undertaken right here in NI using world class expertise at AFBI veterinary laboratories.
 “Farmer owned Fane Valley offers a complete package of BVD ear tags, applicators, training and lab envelopes. Taking the Fane Valley route to tagging and testing is a simple first step to becoming BVD free.”
For advice or orders tel; (028) 3839 4900
Farmer owned Fane Valley Co-op has stores in Ballycastle, Ballymena, Omagh, Augher, Comber, Portadown, Rathfriland, Markethill, Tandragee, Banbridge, Comber, Altnamackin, Armagh City.