Friday, 19 February 2016 11:46
UNLIKE many other tag suppliers Fane Valley Stores have arranged for BVD tissue samples from the tags they sell to be tested here in NI by AFBI Veterinary Sciences Division, Belfast.
 According to Pat Donnelly, Livestock ID Manager at Fane Valley Stores, “This not only supports our local services but gives a faster turnaround of what, we feel, are very accurate results as AFBI can carry out two tests, the PCR test and the antigen ELISA test.
 “This is a belt and braces approach to identifying Persistently infected(PI) cattle for prompt removal from your farm, a key part of any herd plan. “
With BVD tissue sampling a legal obligation from March 1 Fane Valley Stores staff have the training and experience to advise on tag choice and applicator operation. Portadown branch manager Clifford McCullagh, right, with colleagues William Martin and Alison Johnston is extra busy answering queries and demonstrating the three tag types approved for use in NI.
 “Fane Valley, as a local farmer owned business, fails to see the logic in posting tissue samples out of the country as this can cost more in postage as well as delaying getting results back to the farmer”.
Fane Valley have invested in the latest laser marking technology and with 13 stores across NI can turnaround tags with minimum delay thus ensuring their customers always have an ample supply of tags.
  For further advice on BVD tissue tags visit your local Fane Valley Store or telephone (028) 3839 4900. Our full range of store locations can be found at