Tuesday, 05 December 2017 12:10
Volac Launching the new Urban Alma Pro

Automatic teat cleaning with disinfectant after every feed and a unique ability to give necessary medications, such as electrolytes, to the right calf, at the right time.

Two options available with the Urban Alma Pro calf feeder being launched in NI by Volac at the RUAS Winter Fair on Thursday, Dec 14.

High hygiene standards, disease prevention and early treatment are critical to successful calf rearing. Hence the already high demand for the Alma Pro model from Urban, one of the most successful manufacturers of computer controlled calf feeders.
Every teat can be washed and disinfected after each calf is finished drinking from the new Urban Alma Pro computer controlled feeder. The latest model from Urban will be shown for the first time in NI on the Volac Winter Fair stand.

The new Urban Alma Pro is the very latest in computerised calf feeding technology and can feed up to 120 calves through to weaning.

The innovative hygiene system helping protect calves from teat-transmitted infections by automatically washing and disinfecting teats after every feed has already proved popular. As has the Urban Alma Pro's unique ability to deliver the right dose of medications, such as electrolytes, to the right calf, at the right time.

The Urban Alma Pro can also incorporate a range of other innovations to help rear better young stock, more efficiently.

For example, it is equipped with the latest touch screen technology to give a simple overview of calf health thus alerting rearers to potential problems and allowing for a rapid response. The machine's full Wi-Fi connectivity can give remote access where ever you are, on or off, the farm.”

Installing an Urban Alma Pro simplifies effective, hygienic calf feeding and eases your work load. Calf milk replacer is mixed precisely with water and an in-line temperature sensor ensures milk always arrives at the teat at the correct temperature.

The machine recognises an individual calf’s ear tag when it enters the feeding station and allocates the correct milk amount and concentration.

Once the calf has finished drinking the teat will re-track to be sprayed with cold water and a disinfectant solution. To further boost hygiene standards the machine is designed to clean and sterilise feed lines and bowl with acid and alkali up to four times a day..

Compared with bucket feeding, this new machine saves producers 190 hours of work for every 120 calves reared.  Group feeding also saves on individual pen bedding preparation.

Visit the Volac stand at the Winter Fair in Balmoral Park on Thurs, Dec 14 to see the first Urban Alma Pro displayed in NI.

As ever with equipment from Volac the Urban Alma Pro is supported 24/7 by technical specialists based right here in mid Ulster. For further information contact Alistair Sampson of Volac, tel; 07860 626442.