War Role for Farm Waste Plastic
Thursday, 21 January 2010 11:03

WASTE plastic collected from farms across the UK will help soldiers to more effectively engage the enemy in 21st century conflicts thanks to an innovative Scottish company.

Training with small arms has always involved soldiers adopting fire positions best suited to the terrain that they occupy. Current operations overseas have Identified the need to fire from and use cover behind the characteristic domed roofs of Middle Eastern structures.

Solway Firing Domes will provide awkward prone firing positions on UK forces training ranges.

This required the addition of realistic range furniture on purpose built training ranges thus giving soldiers experience of live firing from an “awkward” prone position. The Solway Pig Pens seemed to be an ideal starting point for a design based on configuration, durability and little or no `through life` costs.

Trials at the Defence Training Estate, South East, DTE SE, proved the viability of the choice and with some simple modifications this “off the shelf” pig pen has proved to be entirely fit for purpose”.

As Jim Muir of Solway Recycling explained, “MOD procurement officials viewing the company website realised pig arks made from Stokboard, which is produced by recycling farm waste plastic, were potential firing domes! “We tried several designs and made amendments after live firing trials to meet MOD requirements. All very worthwhile as an order has been placed for over a 100 firing domes going to UK training camps used by British forces early in 2010.

Solway Firing Domes will provide awkward prone firing positions on UK forces training ranges.

“Our complete loop recycling of waste plastic collected from farms nationwide means it is turned into Stokboard to make a range of robust products such as pig arks, calf lodges, creep feeders and lambing pens used again by farmers.

Indeed Solway Recycling collects waste plastic from many tenanted farms on Ministry of Defence training areas such as Otterburn and Larkhill.” Solway firing domes are not only rust and maintenance free, but minimise injuries to users and damage to their equipment.