Monday, 21 May 2012 14:02

The Closing Gate
Equipment developed in Holland to boost yields by giving cows peace and quiet at feeding time was launched at Balmoral Show in Belfast, May 16-18.
 Bringing proven Dutch innovations to milk producers newcomer to the show, Hanskamp AgroTech BV certainly had a busy stand during the Royal Ulster Agricultural Society’s last event on the current site. 
Specialising in electronically controlled in parlour and out of parlour feeding systems Hanskamp AgroTech put three new products on display for the first time in this country.
 An L shaped Closing Gate designed to fit all house types and feeding stations shuts quietly down behind a cow once feed is in the trough. This stops dominant cows bullying shy feeders and heifers at the risk of stress, lost yield and injury.
  Once a cow finishes feeding or in the event of a power failure the robust Hanskamp AgroTech Closing Gate silently lifts up again.
  The Dutch company’s second new product on display is the CrisyDos in parlour feeding system that suits any make of parlour. 
Belfast bound - Klaas Breunissen, sales manager at Hanskamp AgroTech, has selected Balmoral Show to launch the Dutch companyís innovative dairy cow feeding systems to British and Irish farmers.  Looking forward to a first visit to NI, a region like his native Netherlands where dairying is a key element in the rural economy, Klaas will meet local farmers on the Hanskamp AgroTech stand in the Nugent Hall. ìOur company wishes to appoint further agents across the British Isles so I am also keen to talk with those supplying other equipment to milk producers,î Klaas added.
“Unlike traditional in parlour feeders CrisyDos gradually releases concentrates over each cow’s milking time keeping her busy eating thus reducing agitation and noise,” says Klaas Breunissen of Hanskamp AgroTech.
 “Not only have you peace and quiet in the parlour, but CrisyDos continuous feeding systems ensure oxytocin hormone release peaks so that cows milk more easily.”
This Nugent Hall stand also features the PropyDos feeder for the automatic addition of propylene glycol onto concentrates to give a healthier herd at less risk of ketosis.
 The long lasting PropyDos dosing device, already popular in Holland and Germany, is programmed to place liquid propylene glycol ‘like gravy’ on top of compound feed when required by each cow.
 For details browse www.hanskampagrotech.nl or contact Klaas Breunissen, ph; 00 31 314 393 797, e mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Klaas Breunissen and family at the Balmoral Show