William new Dow AgroSciences Ulster Manager
Friday, 04 September 2015 10:29
Dow AgroSciences has appointed William Corrigan to the new position of national business manager with responsibility for managing the company’s range of grassland and cereal products in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.

He will with work with Clarendon Agricare in Portadown, distributor of Dow AgroSciences’ extensive range of grassland and cereal weed control products in Northern Ireland, in expanding markets and services for existing and new products.
Dow AgroSciences has appointed William Corrigan national business manager for Northern Ireland.

William, Dow AgroSciences’ regional business manager in central England for the past three years, holds primary and masters degrees in agricultural science from University College Dublin.  He comes from a progressive beef and arable farm in Co. Kildare.

“This is an important new role, given our market strengths in grassland and cereal products. It also reflects the strong line-up of innovative products that we plan to launch over the coming years,” said Dow AgroSciences UK and RoI managing director Scott Boothey.

The range of Dow grassland herbicides distributed by Clarendon Agricare includes Grazon 90, Doxstar, Thistlex, Pastor, Forefront and Forefront T.  Galaxy, Broadway Star, Starane and newly-introduced Spitfire are among the range of weed control products for cereal growers.
Pink Wrap Aids Breast Cancer Charities
Friday, 04 September 2015 10:12
IN fields and farmyards nationwide big bale silage wrap is turning pink as farming families help raise funds for breast cancer charities!
 Volac, together with film manufacturer Trioplast, has launched a special pink edition of the 1,900 metre Topwrap RS 1900 with a donation for every roll used going to aid breast cancer research, prevention and treatment.
At the NI launch of the Volac pink big bale silage wrap that raised funds for breast cancer charities were radiographers Harriet Gibson, left, and Deborah Sproule, a Castlederg dairy farmer's wife. For every pink roll of Topwrap RS1900 sold a donation went to aid breast cancer research, prevention and treatment.  A David Ralston Photograph.
 A fund raising idea already a great success in New Zealand is now proving equally popular here as a very visual means of both raising funds and awareness of breast cancer in the rural community. The NI launch of the pink wrap was hosted by Castlederg dairy farmer Gareth Sproule and his wife Deborah. A specialist radiographer with the breast screening unit at the Altnagelvin Hospital in Londonderry Deborah urges women to ensure local GPs have their correct address details.
  This is essential as all women aged between 50 and 70, the most at risk age group, are called for breast screening every three years using the address held by their local medical practice. Not updating personal details with a GP can mean slipping under the radar when it comes to these vital mammograms.
 Deborah believes this pink big bale wrap publicity will encourage more women to attend their breast screening appoints as an amazing 25% of appointments are not kept!
 Of those attending for a routine screening mammogram 4% are recalled for further checks, but of these only one in four may require potentially life saving treatment. 
 Those attending for routine mammograms either at a hospital or a mobile scanning unit have their results inside two weeks.
 Women over 70 may also request an appointment and those under 50 concerned about changes in their body or with a family history of breast cancer should see their GP for a referral to a breast screening unit. For younger women referred by a GP results will be available on the day they attend for a mammogram.
 Women in the farming community lead especially busy lives, but the sight of pink big bales of silage now serve as an extra reminder that time taken for routine health checks could save your life!
 To support this breast cancer awareness and fund raising campaign by baling your silage in pink wrap contact Volac NI manager Alistair Sampson, tel; 078606 26442.
Liquid Energy Easily Into Cows
Friday, 04 September 2015 00:00
DRENCHING manually to get extra energy into early lactation cows at risk of Ketosis due to a negative energy balance is no longer needed on the Arfman family farm in the Netherlands. Instead Henk Arfman and son Andre, who run 160 cows and 90 followers at Vorden near the German border, installed the MultiDos system in June 2014.
The Hanskamp MultiDos system was easily installed with the DeLaval robots on the Arfman family farm at Vorden in the Netherlands.
 Developed by Hanskamp, the Dutch manufacturer specialising in innovation for dairy farming, MultiDos is a simple, robust means of providing cows with liquid feed in addition to concentrates.
  Henk and Andre Arfman use two DeLaval milking robots with the MultiDos system installed on both.  Fixed to the wall the MultiDos is connected to a container of liquid additives.
 A special Hanskamp tube that is durable, transparent and impervious to temperature, takes the liquid through the machine to pour a pre-set amount directly over concentrates offered to the cow entering the robot.
 “Our cows easily consume the additive containing glycerol, niacin, biotin and cobalt so a negative energy balance and Ketosis in early lactation cows is no longer a problem,” Andre Arfman explained.
 “Gone is the need to manually dose cows. A labour intensive chore that cows certainly did not like. MultiDos is very cow friendly and there is no problem getting them to eat the concentrates with liquid added. 
Andre Arfman with the Hanskamp MultiDos system used to easily get extra energy into early lactation cows and dramatically reduce the risk of problems such as Ketosis.
 “All our freshly calved cows now receive this liquid feed through the MultiDos system.  We just have to program into the computer how much of each product each individual cow is to get and the system does the rest.
 “As well as propylene glycol having the MultiDos system in the dairy unit means a whole range of additives, vitamins and minerals can be fed.
 “Nowadays we have few cases of Ketosis thanks to this very easy was to get extra energy into cows where needed.”
 Andre, who also works off farm three days a week as a consultant with a local firm of accountants,  is already planning to have MultiDos fitted to a third robot milker. “We are expanding the herd and MultiDos from Hanskamp is very much part of our plans for a better future in milk production.”
 MultiDos, which has recently been installed on several British farms is a successor to the popular Hanskamp PropyDos system.
  For further information on MultiDos and other Hanskamp innovations browse www.hanskamp.nl/en , ph 0031 314 393 797 or e mail This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
MultiDos will be on display at the RUAS Balmoral Show, the RABDF Livestock Event and the RoI Ploughing Championships.

Vet New AgriSearch Field Officer
Thursday, 03 September 2015 13:35
David Anderson BVMS MRCVS has joined AgriSearch as a Field Officer to work alongside researchers at the Agri-Food and Biosciences Institute (AFBI) and a number of farmer co-researchers on a suckler cow fertility study.
 This project is looking at improving the efficiency of suckler beef systems through novel breeding methods (synchronisation and sexed semen) and the use of high genetic merit sires.  The work is co-funded by DARD, NI under the Research Challenge Fund along with significant contributions from AgriSearch and industry partners Zoetis, Genus and AI Services.
David, who grew up on a suckler cow and beef finishing farm near Ballymoney, Co Antrim, studied veterinary medicine at the University of Glasgow from 2008 – 2013. Since graduation he has gained valuable experience in a wide range of animal health issues working as a farm vet in Co Armagh
Commenting on his new post David said “In my new position with AgriSearch I hope to build on the skills I have acquired and am looking forward to all this has to offer.” 
Welcoming David to his challenging new role, AgriSearch chairman James Campbell said that the ‘on-farm’ research pioneered in Northern Ireland has attracted significant interest from several organisations including the European Commission. He added that the involvement of industry partners is an innovative aspect of this project to help bring research into practice on farms.   
 For an update on research supported by AgriSearch, the Northern Ireland Agricultural Research and Development Council, browse www.agrisearch.org or to obtain regular ezines e mail This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Peace in the Parlour Please Philip
Thursday, 03 September 2015 13:28
PHILIP Hoynes, a steel fabricator by trade, is now building a better future by taking forward the family dairy farm at Ballybrehee, Glenmore in Co Kilkenny.
“We have been in milk here for at least three generations so even when the general economy was booming helping with the cows, after hours, was part of my daily routine,” explained Philip.
 “A year away working around Australia only confirmed that coming home to farm full time was what I really wanted to do. Towards the close of 2014 we went ahead with plans for a new 20 point Pearson parlour, collection yard and additional cow accommodation.”
Philip Hoynes, centre, with his sister Emma and younger brother Simon on the family farm near Glenmore, Co Kilkenny. Photo: Donal O' Leary.
 A dairy unit that impresses with its attention to detail and practical design based on a sequential bailing system with cows at 90 degrees in 2ft 3” spaces for ease of control.  
 Complete with variable speed milk pump, variable speed vacuum pump and auto wash system the parlour was build by Philip to a very high standard.
Though he points out that this was very much a team effort, with great support coming from his parents Gerard and Julie, plus the part time help of student younger brother Simon as well as his sister Emma, when time allows.
 Since coming back from Australia three years ago to farm full time and develop the new dairy unit Philip has gradually expanded the Holstein Friesian herd as milk quotas passed into history.
  Putting these growing numbers through the new parlour has been made simpler by also installing PipeFeeder in parlour feeders from Dutch company Hanskamp. 
The parlour that Philip Hoynes built to take the family dairy enterprise forward features a sequential bailing system with cows at 90 degrees in 2ft 3
 Specialising in ‘Innovation for dairy farming’ the Hanskamp design engineers have provided a practical and cost effective solution to a common problem in the parlour. That of cows finishing their feed, before they have finished milking and slowing milk release as they become unsettled seeking more concentrates.
 Instead the PipeFeeder keeps cows content, the milk flowing and noise levels down by ensuring small amounts of concentrate are dropped in front of the cow until the clusters are ready to come off.
 Milk from grass is the basis of Philip’s herd management with only 500kg of concentrates fed per cow per lactation. Thus the Hanskamp PipeFeeder ensures no meal is wasted as only the allocated amount for each milker is fed in small amounts right throughout milking.
 The PipeFeeder is made of robust stainless steel with concentrates contained in the steel pipe. The ingenious dosing system built into the bottom minimising the noise of pellets falling on metal.
   Manufactured to suit all major makes of parlour and with motor housing on offer in black, red, blue or green the Hanskamp PipeFeeder is proving very popular with progressive farmers.
 However, for Philip Hoynes the PipeFeeder had one extra key attraction when the parlour was being built. “It is extremely flexible as regards suiting parlours of varying heights and width as well as being easy to install.”
 One of the very first in the Republic of Ireland to opt for the Hanskamp PipeFeeder Philip sees it as a good investment when it comes to containing feed costs, saving time in the parlour and keeping cows quietly content.
For further information on the Hanskamp PipeFeeder tel.; 00 31 314 393 797, email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or browse www.hanskamp.nl/en  
The full range of Hanskamp equipment will be displayed at the 2015 Irish National Ploughing Championships, Ratheniska, Co Laois, Sept 22-24
Report: Rodney Magowan
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